Blogging as a Career...Yup, it's real

So like I said in the last post blogging is real and I'm a full time blogger. When I say 'full time' I mean I feel like I never stop working. I guess that's what happens when you love what you do.

I write books. I write blog posts. I write tutorials. I socialize on social media. I do videos. I answer emails...a lot of email.  I answer comments on comments on comments. I manage accounts. I manage clients. I manage book deals. I manage two children who are about to be out of school for the summer. Most importantly or impressively, perhaps, I manage to get it all done.
But I know- and Bob knows - we could get a whole lot more done if we were a team.  Sure I have an assistant. Actually, at the moment, I have two assistants who work a combined 22 hours a week and I have a book keepers and an accountant...because let's face it I can't balance a checkbook let alone keep a business with 20+ streams of income square.  I also have a contributor who I pay to write one blog post a week.

And perhaps most importantly, I also have a whole lot of ideas that are just sitting on the back burner. Waiting. There's potential. Oh there's potential for them to take this business to the next level....if I ever got to them.

You see right now I have six books - two full length books and four mini guides.  I sell two of the ebooks myself off my blog and on Etsy and four of them I collect royalties on. I pinch myself when I think about the fact that they're bundled with the very machine I blog about on Amazon. They're sold with the machine.  I get a royalty on every one.  It's passive residual income and it's just one stream of income.

Now I'm onto the next project. More books. More videos. More speaking engagement. And always, always, always more blog posts. I write a blog post every day of the week - sometimes I write more than one when there's big exciting stuff happening.  One time I skipped a day and people called me out.  I love those people.  You know what it means when they can call you out for skipping one day in two years? It means you have loyal followers who visit your blog often and know something is up when you don't post because darn it this girl posts daily. lemmetellya I haven't skipped a day since.

But there's only so much time and that's one of the big reasons we're considering this huge life changing, earth shattering decision for our family. The amount of time that would be created for me to continue writing more books and creating more products if Bob worked by my side could potentially take my already successful business to the next level.

but did I mention it's scary? 


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