we're at a crossroads. for months we've casually - and half jokingly - thrown around the idea that he could work for with me. the last few days though have been intense. we've taken a good, hard look at the possibility that we could actually do this as a couple. we could be a blogging couple making our living - a good living - working online. it's scary you guys. it's really freaking scary.

we're talking about my husband. my prom date. the father of my children. my partner in crime for the last 17 years leaving a six figure income, health benefits and a 401k. we're talking about him walking away to become my business partner. my business is based on a blog.

it sounds freaking crazy. even to me. it's scary. let me tell you it's scary. but i know the potential. i've gone from making a few cents a day to buying a car in cash with one month's earnings from the blog. i mean i am sure bob remembers the time - not all that long along, maybe six or seven years back, i stood in our kitchen in our townhouse in baltimore giddy over making .17 in a day. you think i'm kidding. i'm not. you have to start somewhere.full time blogging is real thing. not just like a passing thing - like a real career.  it's a new career that a lot of people still look at me like 'huh?' you're a blogger.  yeah i know the look well. real well. but's real and let me tell you it's so real my husband is considering leaving his job to make my business a family business.

did i mention we have two kids who we're saving to put through college.'s scary


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