I'm starting to get somewhat settled into my new work arrangement now that I'm 3 weeks in :)

I got a really nice text from my friend Paul last night wishing me well and asking how the first few weeks have been.  It got me thinking about how universally positive and supportive people have been when I've shared the news.

Here's a snapshot of almost every conversation I've had with people so far about the change in my career:

Bob:  I'm leaving the company...
Co-Worker/Family Member/Friend:  What?!?
Bob: ...to work with my wife Melissa on her blog business.
Co-Worker/Family/Friend:  Wow!  That's amazing.  Congratulations!

I didn't really know what to expect.  I mean, it sounds pretty strange (even to me) the first few times I said that.

But here I am, working out of my house...with my wife...on her blog.

So far, we've been able to create a clear delineation of work and not get on each other's nerves...too much :)  We've managed to keep the work talk to work hours (roughly 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM), and we even schedule meetings with each other during the day.

The first few weeks have been a mix of learning the ins and outs of Silhouette School, areas where I can contribute immediately, finalizing our finances and insurances, and looking after our kids so that Melissa can wrap up her next book.

I'm sure as the weeks go by, I'll continue to settle in and earn my place in my new company.  After all, I'm now a co-owner :)

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Let's just get one thing out of the way because people keep asking me if they're seeing Bob with the kids around town or Bob doing this, that, or the other thing if it's because I am tired of working with him already or "boss lady" here sent him to do some 'chore' I didn't feel like doing...

Ahh...nope. Actually this was our plan all along.

As Operation WWBD (What Would Bob Do) called for in Phase 1, Bob is spending the summer with two main goals: 1) getting up to speed on how the business operates and how blogging, in general works and 2) 'Daddy-ing' when the kids are not in camp to allow me more time to work.
This week we hit a huge milestone on Silhouette School's Facebook page - we surpassed 90,000 followers. Ninety thousand people care what I have to say...too bad one of them isn't my 5 year old...but that's another story.

You're gonna think I'm crazy when I say this, but the selfie played a big part in the growth of our business page.

Before I explain why I'm giving the selfie so much credit...let's take a few steps back.
We had a hard morning.

And so I did what I don't normally do and I went to the gym and got on the elliptical and I texted my friend as I burned off out some of that frustration.

Abby has two young children too and a husband who works full time on her blog, Just a Girl and Her Blog, with her. She's about the only person I know who would truly understand my struggle...and so I vented. And of course she got it and we agreed...

The hardest thing about working from home is getting people, especially pint-size people, to understand you're actually WORKING from home.

Melissa let me know that since I'm a blogger now, I need to actually start blogging.  So here it goes...

The last 2 weeks have been pretty strange and exciting for me.  I left a good paying job at a company I've been with for 10 years.  There was a lot that went into that decision, and one of the first considerations that came to mind was insurance.

Could we afford it?

How do we sign up for it?

Could we afford it?

I knew we'd need health, dental, and life insurances.  Once I made the plunge to leave the corporate world, getting them was a top priority.
Welp...we survived day one.  Bob passed with flying colors - orientation and all (Yes I made an agenda for his first day #sofancy).

I barely made it out alive.

It started last week when he started filling up my calendar with meetings. Meetings? I don't do them...and what's this calendar thing you speak of?!  I use a planner with pretty stickers.

He convinced me due to such a significant change in our financials (ya know the loss of his salary!) it was important that I sit through an hour and a half meeting with our financial advisor who proceeded to talk about stocks, bonds, 401k's, IRAs, SERP IRAs ( I don't know if that's even a thing, I tuned out by then). Oh and did I mention..it.was.a.conference.call. OMG for an hour and a half I stared at the phone. You think I'm exaggerating...

Our financial guy is straight genius...but this isn't gonna work for me (although if he sets us up to retire my 45 I will take all of this back in a hot second). Bob and I were passing notes back and forth.  Mine were like 'You're fired for making me do this' and "brutal poodle" his were like "This is our money, focus for 90 minutes."  He won.  I know he's right deep down...but right now I'm not trying to be deep I'm just trying to cut some vinyl. (Oh and Mark...if you're reading this...I hope we're still cool!)
If you've been poking around here wondering what the heck kinda blog name is "Boss Lady and Bob"...let me explain.

About a year ago Bob took a six month rotational position at his job that was field-based. He went from having an office with a window to sharing the spare bedroom with me when he was not in the field.
If I had a quarter for every time someone asked me 'how do you make money with a blog?' - I could stop blogging!  Blogging professionally, as opposed to being a hobby blogger, is such a new thing that people don't even realize it's a 'thing'.

It's a thing.
blogging for money blogging for income fulltime blogging affiliate networks affiliate marketing  affiliates blog ads

The crazy thing about blogging is not all bloggers make money the same way....but all of us full time bloggers do have one thing in common and that is we have many diverse streams of income - many of them passive residual income streams.
I've been getting a lot of questions about how to get a free custom email address to match my domain...and it's actually really quick and easy to do.  I did this for Bob today and I'm pretty sure by his text he feels a whole new level of legit (and 'cool') now!
If you're not sure what it is I'm talking about a custom email address is basically an email that matches your website's domain. So for me that would be melissa @ SilhouetteSchoolBlog (dot) com....(gotta do all that weird stuff so the spammers don't start sending me promises of $473839 right in my bank account if only I just click the link from some far off land.)
Tomorrow is Bob's last day at work, before he joins me and let me just tell you it's been a little crazy around here.

First of all, if I never hear another thing about insurance policies I will die a happy woman. Seriously - don't take your benefits for granted because when you buy your own the decisions on what types of policies and coverage you "need" are almost as painful as the price tag.  I'll have to have Bob come back and explain what he found and where he found it all because it's all well over my head.

Along with making all those types of decisions, we've also had to purchase another computer for Bob.  We already had plans to turn our dining room into a home office so that's where Bob will eventually make his home office. We have some work to do before it's set up like an office, but it's at least a designated separate space for him now.   I may need to put door on it though because apparently he thinks a Donut Trophy and a Fisherman lamp are office items that compliment our home's decor.  #youthinkimkiddingimnot
So what's it really like being a full time blogger? I mean what's so hard about putting a post up every day? Is that really full time work?!

You have to understand I didn't wake up one day and BAM I started blogging all.day.long. Nope, like anything it kind of evolved and over the last eight years it's turned from a hobby blog into this...the point where we're both going to be blogging full time.

I've run the blogging/freelance gamut from keeping a mom blog where I shared my babies' nursing schedules to writing a pretty high profile entertainment column on MTV Jersey Shore to writing a DIY blog which then had it's own spinoff ... now my flagship blog Silhouette School. Each of the blogs required something different...nothing has required anything like the attention that Silhouette School has.  But then again nothing has been as rewarding either!
Bob put in his notice at work yesterday and I have to admit I was a nervous wreck leading up to it. My stomach was in knots and despite all the planning and number crunching and strategizing we've done there's just something so permanent about voluntarily quitting.