Dad-in' Was Part of the Plan (WWBD)

Let's just get one thing out of the way because people keep asking me if they're seeing Bob with the kids around town or Bob doing this, that, or the other thing if it's because I am tired of working with him already or "boss lady" here sent him to do some 'chore' I didn't feel like doing...

Ahh...nope. Actually this was our plan all along.

As Operation WWBD (What Would Bob Do) called for in Phase 1, Bob is spending the summer with two main goals: 1) getting up to speed on how the business operates and how blogging, in general works and 2) 'Daddy-ing' when the kids are not in camp to allow me more time to work.

I'm currently working on another long format book, while we also convert the company from and LLC to an S Corp, set up our own private insurance policies, manage the kids being home for the summer, manage a decent size home renovation, and find our stride both working at home and working together.

Of course there's also all of the regular daily blogging tasks that need to be accomplished.  As I try to teach Bob the in's and out's of daily full time blogger life, he's trying to figure out the systems and organization methods I use to keep everything organized. I'm pretty sure he has concluded I'm not organized in the least and that I need a major overall.

So yeah...ain't nobody searching for office space. Yet.
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