Prepping for My New Partner (And His Donut Trophy)

Tomorrow is Bob's last day at work, before he joins me and let me just tell you it's been a little crazy around here.

First of all, if I never hear another thing about insurance policies I will die a happy woman. Seriously - don't take your benefits for granted because when you buy your own the decisions on what types of policies and coverage you "need" are almost as painful as the price tag.  I'll have to have Bob come back and explain what he found and where he found it all because it's all well over my head.

Along with making all those types of decisions, we've also had to purchase another computer for Bob.  We already had plans to turn our dining room into a home office so that's where Bob will eventually make his home office. We have some work to do before it's set up like an office, but it's at least a designated separate space for him now.   I may need to put door on it though because apparently he thinks a Donut Trophy and a Fisherman lamp are office items that compliment our home's decor.  #youthinkimkiddingimnot

His first task is to learn everything he can about SEO so we can better optimize the huge library of Silhouette tutorials I have already built.  The goal is to take what he learns and implement it into the existing blog posts with some minor tweaks to increase page views on two and a half years worth of work I've already done. 

He's already well on his way apparently as I found this on the coffee table yesterday after he told me he was going to the library to turn himself in for losing one of the book the kids' borrowed.

I'm also starting to s l o w l y pass off certain business related items to him such as billing, invoicing, stats, and affiliates.  The hope is by the end of the summer he'll have a better grasp on how the business side of blogging works and then we can really go to town with the bigger projects we have planned.

And the midst of all of this craziness...I just launched my seventh book: The Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Pixscan! It's always such a relief to wrap up a project like that and pass it off to the printer and our partner which sells all of my mini guides (now all 5 of them) and bundles them with the Silhouette machines.

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