The Hardest Part About Working From Home...Is Still the Hardest Part

We had a hard morning.

And so I did what I don't normally do and I went to the gym and got on the elliptical and I texted my friend as I burned off out some of that frustration.

Abby has two young children too and a husband who works full time on her blog, Just a Girl and Her Blog, with her. She's about the only person I know who would truly understand my struggle...and so I vented. And of course she got it and we agreed...

The hardest thing about working from home is getting people, especially pint-size people, to understand you're actually WORKING from home.

I swear I think people think I am just over here looking at Facebook analytics because I enjoy it. Um no... Sometimes I think people think I'm just crafting all day. Although that's a totally awesome part of my job.

While I have always felt like it's been difficult to get other adults to understand that what I do, from home, is actually recent weeks, with Bob joining me, I think most now have at least an idea that not only is there enough real work to be done, it's enough to support our family.  I feel vindicated in that way - not that I was ever looking for vindication. More like understanding.


But today I swear I had a near meltdown as I once again struggled to get the kids to understand while I'm home and they're home for the summer...I STILL HAVE TO WORK!

Can I use the computer, mom?
Because I need it for work.
But you're on Facebook.
Right...that's part of my job.

What are you doing now, mom?
I'm writing another book...#8 actually.
Can I help you?

Mom, mom, mom, mom...
what? What? WHat? WHAt? WHAT? WHAAAAATTTT??
I need a drink. 

I know it's a difficult concept for anyone to understand - especially children.  Most especially my children who've literally never had a want.  They don't understand that credit cards aren't just cards you pull out and swipe...a bill that has to be paid actually comes in the mail and then that check that's written to pay for it is actually another form of currency. I get it - they don't get it. They shouldn't have to get it. They're 5 and 7.  They're little they don't need to worry about money...but I've been banging my head up against a wall trying to get them to understand the importance of working hard,  entrepreneurship, and even work-life balance. (Bob and I have made it a priority to shut it off. Our plan when school is back in session is to ONLY work and ONLY talk about work during school hours.)

Today I tried to explain it...again. Do you like to take gymnastics classes? Then I have to work. Do you like to go to Disney World? Then I have to work. Do you like to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and endless snacks every day? Then I have to work. Do you like to have a house to live in? Then I have to work.

And then I got, "I thought Daddy isn't working any more so he's retired."

I can't even. The hardest thing to get them to understand is that we're working our butts off for them. Some day I know they'll appreciate it all, but today it was a struggle and I gotta tell ya...the struggle is real. 

And please don't take this the wrong way - I know I am, we are, truly blessed. We are our own bosses. We can work from home. Anywhere. Our schedule is somewhat flexible.  But this whole blog thing isn't what it used to be when it was fun money...this is it now.  This is our retirement, our healthcare, our college savings, our mortgage, our food, our clothing, and yes, our fun money. But right now the pressure to make sure this whole shindig continues to be successful and grow - to ensure we made the right decision - is like it's never been before.

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