What's Up with 'Bosslady' Anyway?

If you've been poking around here wondering what the heck kinda blog name is "Boss Lady and Bob"...let me explain.

About a year ago Bob took a six month rotational position at his job that was field-based. He went from having an office with a window to sharing the spare bedroom with me when he was not in the field.

We had desks on the two facing walls of the room..and when I say 'room' I mean craftroom/office/Silhouette School headquarters.  This was 'my' space....and then all of the sudden I've got this guy over here making conference calls out to ying yang in his not-so-quiet-phone-talking-voice (what is with that anyway...you're on the PHONE for a reason!) and talking himself through every line on every spreadsheet. I mean who can deal with that?! #notthisgirl

Anyway, as a joke one day, I cut "#bosslady" out of some white vinyl on my Silhouette CAMEO and slapped it on the back of my hot pink office chair so that when Bob would turn around he'd be reminded who was boss. Bahahhah I crack myself....

So when I was coming up with a name for this blog...I mean what better name than Boss Lady and Bob? (I like alliteration, if you couldn't tell)

PS. We won't be sharing an office!  In fact we're turning our formal dining room into a home office (so we won't even be sharing a floor).

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