Tomorrow is Bob's last day at work, before he joins me and let me just tell you it's been a little crazy around here.

First of all, if I never hear another thing about insurance policies I will die a happy woman. Seriously - don't take your benefits for granted because when you buy your own the decisions on what types of policies and coverage you "need" are almost as painful as the price tag.  I'll have to have Bob come back and explain what he found and where he found it all because it's all well over my head.

Along with making all those types of decisions, we've also had to purchase another computer for Bob.  We already had plans to turn our dining room into a home office so that's where Bob will eventually make his home office. We have some work to do before it's set up like an office, but it's at least a designated separate space for him now.   I may need to put door on it though because apparently he thinks a Donut Trophy and a Fisherman lamp are office items that compliment our home's decor.  #youthinkimkiddingimnot