Welp...we survived day one.  Bob passed with flying colors - orientation and all (Yes I made an agenda for his first day #sofancy).

I barely made it out alive.

It started last week when he started filling up my calendar with meetings. Meetings? I don't do them...and what's this calendar thing you speak of?!  I use a planner with pretty stickers.

He convinced me due to such a significant change in our financials (ya know the loss of his salary!) it was important that I sit through an hour and a half meeting with our financial advisor who proceeded to talk about stocks, bonds, 401k's, IRAs, SERP IRAs ( I don't know if that's even a thing, I tuned out by then). Oh and did I mention..it.was.a.conference.call. OMG for an hour and a half I stared at the phone. You think I'm exaggerating...

Our financial guy is straight genius...but this isn't gonna work for me (although if he sets us up to retire my 45 I will take all of this back in a hot second). Bob and I were passing notes back and forth.  Mine were like 'You're fired for making me do this' and "brutal poodle" his were like "This is our money, focus for 90 minutes."  He won.  I know he's right deep down...but right now I'm not trying to be deep I'm just trying to cut some vinyl. (Oh and Mark...if you're reading this...I hope we're still cool!)