Being a small business owner means getting some really cool flexibility in your schedule.  Like being able to take your kids to camp every morning or hitting up the 9 AM Crossfit class.  I'm also enjoying the responsibility of being in charge of sales and marketing.  But it also means doing anything and everything associated with your business.  Like printing.  And Collating.  And then printing again.

We just finished our soft launch of Melissa's third full length eBook called Cutting a Profit on how to run a business with Silhouette CAMEO and sales are going really well!  Like many of our readers, we like to have a physical copy of the book as well. So today, I went to have the file printed at Staples...double-sided, bound and in-color.  Then I learned it would cost $52 to print this bad boy in color on both sides.  No chance.

Luckily my friend Google connected me to my printer's user manual that walked me through how to print on both sides.  This involved printing the odd pages first, figuring out the orientation to load them back into the printer tray, and then printing the even pages.

printing double sided print at home printer hack