I get asked a lot about how I "do it all" when it comes to blogging. I guess they mean how I blog and  craft and write books and manage to market my blog posts by posting on social media all.day.long and work with sponsors and answer emails and comments and...well the list of what goes into running a blog and business that reaches in excess of 1 million page views a month seems to never end. 

I have to tell you there was a turning point...when things got serious. When I realized this little blog wasn't so little and it wasn't just a blog. And that's when I made the move!

You see, about eight years ago when I started blogging...that was about 5 blogs ago now...I would blog during nap time from the couch or the big ol' comfy chair in our living room.  I actually distinctly remember the moment I decided to start Silhouette School. I was sitting in that chair. My feet were propped up on the ottoman and the fire was going and the Christmas tree was still up although most of the needles were not.

A few months into blogging on Silhouette School though I decided blogging from the living room was not ideal. I would lose focus easily. I would get distracted by all the household chores (or pine needles on the floor) that needed to be done. I would get up to get another cup of coffee. I was typing with my laptop on my lap.  I decided I needed to not just sew and craft out of the guest room (that I had gradually moved into) I needed to establish it as my home office.