Why the Silent Treatment?

Has it seemed a little quiet around here? Well...it may have been quiet around Boss Lady and Bob but I can tell you it's been anything but.

We've been swamped, slammed, and strapped for two or three straight months hence the silence.
Bob's been busy earning his title as Salesman of the Year at Silhouette School closing deals and working to strengthen our partnerships and sponsorships.  I've been busy trying to keep ahead of up with Facebook's games, write and schedule daily blog posts through the end of July (you think I'm kidding, I'm not July 5th was scheduled today!), keep up with our ever-increasing partnerships, launching two more books (since I last popped in here...oops), and working ahead on videos through August for Silhouette U, our membership site.  So...there are a lot of plates in the air.

Yet here it is 8pm on a Friday night and I'm pecky out a blog post....after a 3 month hiatus. Why? Because. Because I love to write and when I write here it's not 'work'. Not that writing Silhouette tutorials is 'work, work' but this is just like my let loose, call it how it is, journal-ish little slice of the www.

So besides all that other 'work' stuff....we're moving. Not like sell your house move across town kinda thing. Like sell your house, close on it 3 months ago, rent it back for 6 months, build another one on the opposite coast, settle on it two months ago...you get the idea. Life has been busy.

January, February, and March were supposed to be my months to breathe...to take a break from December which nearly did me in with loan applications, mortgages that almost fell through, and a near complete audit of the business. Thank God for an amazing CPA and realtors my sanity was saved. Plus....who needs time to breathe? It's totally overrated so in the midst of all that we decided I should finally finish writing an ecourse that has been sitting for more than a year with two chapters written. Sixteen chapters later, 18 videos later and the ecourse was launched in February - and doing amazingly well having sold 1000 copies in the first week alone.

Then in late March Bob and I hosted our first ever full day Silhouette conference for a sell-out group of crafters. Bob pretty much did all the heavy lifting with organizing this little shin-dig and I just showed up to teach.

So now we're headed into April and I'm finally, finally gonna breathe.


Today marks T-two months until we have to be out of the house...the one that was ours and is now not ours, but we're renting back from the buyers even though it still kinda feels like it's ours.  We're packing our life, our business, our everything into boxes and swapping coasts. I've been slowly packing a few boxes a week for months.  Bob's idea of fun is watching me pack boxes and label them with my Silhouette cut moving stickers...all the while debating me over the fact that he'd rather pack 200 boxes in a week over my method of 5-10 a week for 6 months.  But I don't care.

I'm determined to make this move as stress-free as possible during what would likely be some the most stressful few weeks of the year (December was in 2016) - even if we didn't have this move. I'm traveling for a blog conference two weeks before we have to be out of the house, then I'm traveling again to Atlanta few weeks later to speak at Silhouette conference the very weekend we're moving...as in I'm flying from Philly to Atlanta to CA. In between those two trips we have Blake's birthday party and and this little thing called move out day and move in day (we are temporarily moving into my in law's, so the kids can finish school before we head west.  Yeah so that should all be super fun and relaxing, right?! Good thing I started packing boxes in December, BOB!

So if you don't hear from me for another three months...now you know why.


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