About Us

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! We're Melissa and Bob. We went from high school prom dates to co-workers in the newsroom to full time bloggers in the span of 17 years.  We're supporting our family - which includes two kids under 8 - by blogging full time!

Melissa started her flagship blog, Silhouette School, in January 2014 after Bob gave her a Silhouette Portrait for Christmas....she started sharing tutorials on the blog and the rest is history.   Silhouette School has been read by more than 11 millions readers in 6 continents since she launched with monthly readership currently hovering around 700,000.  The Silhouette School social media channels boast a very vocal and loyal following of more than 150,000 combined followers across Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

In addition to sharing daily tutorials, videos, and keeping up with the constant demand of social media Melissa has also self-published 6 books on Silhouette, been invited to speak at Silhouette and crafting conferences across the country and become known as the Silhouette Guru among both industry leaders and crafters.

So how did we get from Silhouette School to Boss Lady and Bob?  For that we'd have to go back to mid 2015 when Bob was temporarily working from home for his job in Corporate America. At the time, we were sharing an office...Melissa's craft room. As a joke, Melissa cut a vinyl decal that read #bosslady and stuck it on the back of her chair so when Bob turned around, he'd be reminded who's boss. ;)

Fast forward a year and Bob has left his job in Corporate America to work full time on the blogging business...and now we're Bosslady and Bob!