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I get asked a lot about how "do it all" for the blog. The truth is blogging full time takes time and therefore I don't! I don't do it all.  I have had an assistant working virtually with me for over a year and now Bob is on board as well. That's hardly me doing it all.  Of course I also have some tricks up my sleeve to make my blogging life and family life run a little more efficiently.

PicMonkey - Easy, intuitive and free (with upgrades available) online photo editor used to edit blog photos, create collages and add captions and titles (free, monthly or years plans)

Tailwind - An online tool for scheduling pins to Pinterest at optimal times. (Low yearly fee)

PostPlanner - An online tool for finding viral social media content to quickly schedule, especially helpful with finding engaging Facebook content.

Hootsuite - An online tool that allows me to automate-ish posting to Instagram. Using Hootsuite I can plan out several Instagram posts at a time and set them to post over the next few hours, days or week. Hootsuite is also a great way to have all social media dashboards in one spot so I can quickly answer comments, questions, and messages right from one site on my computer. (Free)

Feedblitz - The email subscription service I use to collect email address as well as send out daily and weekly newsletters with blog posts to my subscribers.  Definitely a set it and forget it type of service - there's nothing manual about my newsletter now that it's set up and customized to match the look of my blog!

Free up to a certain number of subscribers. Currently I pay about $250 a month, but Feedblitz incorporates ads into the newsletters and it offsets the price to almost nothing.

Share A Sale - The Affiliate network I use most often to connect to brands and businesses that are specific to my niche and applicable, relatable, and a natural fit for my readers.

Ejunkie - The software program, integrated with Paypal, that I use to take ebook orders and collect payment.  I also use ejunkie to run my affiliate program and payout my affiliates. Flat fee of $5 a month

Paypal Business Pro - The cart system I use to collect payment for all of my digital products as well as the system used to invoice clients, sponsors and partners.  Linked directly to the business checking account.

LegalZoom - The service I use for all legal matters related to the blog and business.  I pay one yearly fee and have utilized services that range from filing for federal copyrights and trademarks to getting help setting up an LLC to getting 30 minute legal consultations with an attorneys on a range of topics including licensing to issuing cease and desists.

Go Daddy - Where I buy all my custom domains (.coms)

Blogger - The blog host I use for all my blogs.. 100% free!

The Blogger Network - One of two ad networks I work with to place ads on my websites.

Adsense - One of two ad networks I work with to implement ads on my websites.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on them the price of the item or service remains the same for you, but we get a small percent for the referral! It's how we support the blog...and we thank you for that!

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